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New Instrumental Released (feat. Chris Morin)

It Made Sense To Me At The Time:

Chad Hagans (Feat. Chris Morin) It Made Sense To Me At The Time

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Morning Stories EP Officially Released

Morning Stories:

1. My My
2. Little Heart
3. Morning Stories
4. Someday #
5. You’re Someone Else
6. Summer’s Child
7. Into the Blue *#

*- Single
#- Lead guitar- Chris Morin

All songs produced by myself. Mastered by Chris Morin with a little help from Erik Hidde.


Free Downloads/Listens at the following sites:

For a tangible hardcover album contact me!

‘Morning Stories’ will be released at 11:11 PM tonight!!

That’s right. Tune in. Right on.

I Will post the links on this homepage at 11:11PM TONIGHT for you to follow & download it for free.

🙂 -Chad

‘Morning Stories’ Release Delayed

The release of ‘Morning Stories’, which was supposed to be released on Thursday has been postponed until tomorrow (Saturday, February 19) due to a few setbacks that I’ve been dealing with. Since I’m self releasing this and doing this all by myself it is taking longer than I expected to get everything organized and ready. It will be out tomorrow for free digital download or you can contact me about receiving a custom hard copy cd sleeve through email. The hard copies are $5. Thank you kindly, Chad.

‘Morning Stories’ Limited Hard Copies

I’ve been making custom made CD jacket sleeves to sell with the EP for a limited time until I mass produce the official EP cover. Each sleeve is different from the rest. If you’d like one please contact me with your mailing information and I’ll be sure to send one to you. I am asking $5 a piece. Here is a picture of just a few of them.