Morning Stories

My My:

Do you remember?
Those days we used to get away
I’ll always remember
Like it was just yesterday
Will you forget about?
The way you used to say

My my
My my
My my

It’s hard for me to sleep at night
It’s really not that fair
You’re my favorite bad dream
You’re a nightmare

But everything will be alright
You’re my first breath in the morning light
Remember that I’m always here
And here is where I’ll stay
As long as you don’t forget about
The way you used to say

My my
My my
My my


Little Heart:


Find yourself inside yourself
Leave yourself behind

Find a way to spend the day
Outside of your mind

In between your broken dreams
There’s a place that you can go

Where anything means everything
It’s all you need to know

Yesterday seems far away
If you think about tomorrow

Anything you’ll ever need
I will let you borrow

You could build a humble home
With all the things that you condone

If you keep me in your little heart
Then you’ll never be alone

When the sun goes down behind the clouds
May your nights be full of light

May the good times come a plenty
And the bad times turn out right

Don’t give up your broken dreams
They’ll come to you in time

This life is what you make of it
You will be just fine


Morning Glory:


I’ll meet you – where the city sleeps tomorrow,

When you throw away your sorrow
I’ll put you – in the pocket of my dreams, as useless as it seems
I’ll be the one to melt your frozen mind, from the thoughts you seem to hide
& Oh, that’s when everything will be alright

I’ll catch you as you fall from the highest tree, you can always count on me
I’ll feed you when you’re starving for a light, when nothing tastes quite right
I’ll watch you as you wash away your tears, and throw away your fears
Oh, that’s when everything will be alright

Cause the most that I’ve done
Is not enough
And the land that you walk
Is the same

And the words that you said
Are stuck in my head
But I’m not gonna let
Them bring me down

Bring me down
Bring me down
Bring me down
Bring me down




Let your hair grow long and say
It’s a new day

Find a place to get away
Don’t live your life with one eye open again

Open up your eyes to the sky
And Pray

Rest your mind, sit back and unwind
Everything will be alright in the end

Exhale the pain, keep yourself insane
It’s okay

Someday you will find your way

Someday you will find your way


You’re Someone Else:


The grass beneath your feet
Puts your mind at ease
Sets your spirit free
As the birds up in the trees

Rest your teathered soul
Find yourself a home
Inside the books you read
Leave the rest to me

There’s a place inside your soul
Where you will find your self
Deep inside your crooked mind
You’ll find you’re someone else

I’ll do the best I can
To make you fly again
Don’t you know that everything
Always works out in the end

So take that crooked smile
And turn it inside out
Make believe your in your dreams
With me and no one else


Summer’s Child:


Summer’s Child
Out In the field
Out In the sun
Do you ever dream of winter?
Do you ever run
Out of ideas in your head
Your pretty little head
Full of cold, cold thoughts
Of what your mother said

Climb through the tree’s
Of berries and bees
Do whatever you please
Rest on my knees
Hold your head up
Just for a little while

Summer’s Child
Do you ever feel
Like nothing is real
Like your body is steel
As if you have no feelings
Inside your chest
As if your life is broken
And it’s time to rest
Please just remember one thing
It’s that true love is the best

If all else fails
Please remember my words
When you’re flying high
With the blue birds
It’s that I love you


Into The Blue:


Follow your heart
Into the dark
Bring me with you
Into the blue

Follow me down
Into the ground
We’ll be safe  & sound
As the world spins around & round

I am you and you are me
That must mean that we are we
I am you and you are me
That must mean that we are we

Let me down easy
If you decide to go
Like the wind on your face
Away I’ll blow

Meet me in the city
Where i’ll have for you
The world in a bottle
& a different point of view

I am you and you are me
That must mean that we are we
I am you and you are me
That must mean that we are we



*All songs written & recorded & copyrighted by Chad Hagans.








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